District 15 in Diverse!



...But Many of Our Schools Are Not

Five elementary schools have less than 10% students who qualify for free-or-reduced lunch, and eight schools have well over 70%, including many English Language Learners. Three schools (PS 32, PS 38, and PS 230) are socioeconomically diverse but are internally segregated via gifted and talented programs.


Data from the 2016–2017 Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP) of each school. CEPs can be viewed at http://schools.nyc.gov/documents/oaosi/cep/2016-17/cep_KXXX.pdf, where XXX is the 3-digit school number. (For instance, cep_K230.pdf is PS 230 and cep_K010.pdf is PS 10.)

D15 schools have the lowest rates of “economically disadvantaged” students in Brooklyn*

D13    66%
D14    70%
D15    56%
D16    82%
D17    80%
D18    77%
D19    83%
D20    73%
D21    69%
D22    66%

*From 2015-2017 data.nysed.gov. Applies to grades K–12.