This American Life: The Problem We All Live With

Nikole Hannah-Jones’ two-part radio segments sparked national interest in school integration as a solution to the opportunity gap. This is a great place to start. See also Jones’ Choosing a School for My Daughter in a Segregated City.

The Resegregation of America:
The consequences of creeping racial resegregation constitute nothing less than a national crisis. (ABC News)

Excellent summary of all of the ways racial segregation has been getting worse over the past couple of decades: not only when it comes to public schooling, but in access to housing, health care, and safe environments.

Integrated Schools - podcast

This podcast directed to white families has some thought-provoking, necessary conversations around school choice. Our favorites so far include episode #5, “Interview with a Skeptic” and #7 “Vicky and the Saviors.” Available via iTunes and other providers.

Miseducation podcast

Produced by The Bell, this podcast features students of color discussing inequities in public education. Available via iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.