Mother Jones: “Sorry, I’m Not Taking This Test”

Excellent, in-depth look at how high-stakes testing is affecting children across the U.S., particularly those from low-income families and communities of color.

The Atlantic: Why Americans Think So Poorly of the Country's Schools

"Standardized-test scores, misrepresent school quality. They say more about family income than they do about schools… They indicate nothing, for instance, about how safe students feel, how strong their relationships with teachers are, or how they are developing socially and emotionally. They indicate nothing about what teaching looks like, how varied the curriculum is, or the extent to which parents and community members are involved. It’s impossible to know the quality of a school without knowing these things."

The Mismeasure of Schools: Data, Real Estate and Segregation

In this podcast interview (transcript here), Jack Schneider, author of Beyond Test Scores (Harvard University Press, 2017), discusses how test score data distorts public perception of school quality and increases segregation.